The Collective

The Permablitz BoP Collective does not run permablitzes.  It exists to make the permablitz concept happen in the whole Bay of Plenty region by making the tools available to anyone and decentralising the work/fun of running permablitzes.  We are effectively the voluntary administration part of the network.


  1. Receive details of planned Blitz events from Guild Designers and announce upcoming events through the website
  2. Maintain this website and the Permablitz BoP Facebook page
  3. Receive  Permablitz  event reports & then post them on the website.
  4. Maintain the Permablitz BoP organiser’s guides
  5. Maintain the Permablitz BoP  Design Guild list of contacts 
  6. Forward requests for voluntary permaculture designers to members of the Permablitz Design Guild
  7. Liase with Media to promote the permablitz concept in the BoP (contact us on

The collective is made up of volunteers. It is essentially unfunded and without a bank account, since there are very few costs.

The Collective are involved in the back-end admin because it’s actually generally fun, we’re learning all the time, doing something which we believe in, and meeting wonderful people along the way.

Currently, the Permablitz BOP collective is made up of:

Permablitz BOP Coordinators

Gemma Potaka was lucky enough to grow up with Permaculture in her family life. She completed a PDC in 2015 and when she moved to Tauranga was really keen to get involved in the PermaBlitz group. Gemma loves the culture and energy that comes from working bee environments and is passionate about creating opportunities for people to get together, build community, share skills and get inspired. Her dream is that every backyard was a permaculture paradise.

Jenni Werth

Guild Coordinator

Ailie Rundle

Blitz Day Coordinators

Cath Goodrick is a keen gardener and landscape designer based in the beautiful Rotorua. She runs her own design business, Goodrick Landscapes and has always had a passion for designs that have multiple functions rather than simply looking good.

Sarah Jane Board grew up on a citrus and apple orchard in KatiKati. She did her PDC in 2017 and began a journey of organic market gardening, seed saving and propagation. She now works in local schools, facilitating a garden club. She is passionate about permaculture, growing nutritious food and community. She is also an artist and loves mandalas, this influences her gardening style. 

Website and Communications Coordinator

Tess has been a part of Permablitz BOP since the very first Permablitz involved as a participant. She went onto complete her PDC in 2012 and has been enjoying learning, designing and creating since. She loves incorporating wild spaces and medicinal herbs into her designs. She can often be seen in her garden at home growing food alongside her three boys. Her and her husband run Crafty Gatherer

Social Media Coordinator

Brianna Watson

Many of our systems have been gifted to us by the global permaculture community and have been developed collaboratively by a new generation of philanthropic youth before us.

We acknowledge the amazing work and resources of Permablitz Melbourne and in particular the vision of the founders of the Permablitz movement, Dan Palmer and Adam Grubb.

So as proud and enthusiastic custodians of a proven model, our main role is to keep things running smoothly to ensure our local network grows steadily.

Permablitz BOP Structure
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