Plan - Aug 2014

You may be surprised to know that the waiting list of prospective blitz hosts is very short. And there are many, many people eager and ready to come to a blitz at your place right now! We have recently updated our requirements to host a blitz to get the ball rolling so we can have more – check out the blog about it here.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us with your project if you feel you’re ready! Consider that by becoming a blitz host, you’d be giving to others as much you as may have received yourself! Without permablitz hosts, permablitzes don’t happen!  Don’t be shy, give it a go!….

The first thing to do is to have a permaculture plan prepared. There are a couple of ways to find help:




  • You ask us to connect you with volunteer help. Send us a (brief) paragraph describing your project. We’ll send your project out  to the volunteers in the Permablitz Design Guild.  These are recent permaculture design course graduates that have asked us for projects to build their design experience. click here to be directed to the  Volunteer design request page 

You choose which way you’d like to go about preparing your design, use a volunteer or pay a professional.

Once your plan is prepared, your designer may be prepared to be the overall facilitator on blitz day, but not always. If they have prepared your plan as a volunteer, they may prefer to hand this job over to someone else. We’ll help you find someone in this case.



Blitzing the BOP community one garden at a time