Who goes to permablitzes?

Anyone and everyone can come to a permablitz.  Skill level and even physical capacity aren’t problems at all.

Almond tree

People from many different backgrounds and aged from nine months to ninety turn up.  Because everyone has to eat, food gardening is relevant to everyone.  You’re sure to meet interesting, friendly people of many stripes and persuasions at a permablitz.

Child helps plant

We welcome first timers.  Just come and contribute in any way you can. You’ll learn from the more experienced and hear of opportunities to build your skill level in growing your own food and living more sustainably! Many first timers are now becoming hosts, leading and teaching others in the permablitz community.

Concrete man

We welcome strong and experienced people. Please come pass on your knowledge! If you are unable to help physically, but can help simply by coaching others or injecting a good vibe, you’d be a real help too.

Planting seed workshop

If you are an experienced permaculturalist, you’ll be so very much appreciated if you choose to play a role in permablitz. This will almost certainly allow you to develop your skills in permaculture design as you’ll be able to connect with others and share ideas.


We welcome all those that want to be part of something positive. Come and socialise, make friends, immerse yourself in the positive vibe that is all part of the permablitz experience!


Blitzing the BOP community one garden at a time