How can I make best use of a blitz?


If  the design has been prepared carefully, it’s possible to obtain higher yields from a well designed permaculture garden than from intensive industrial agriculture systems! This is achieved through stacking biodiversity in time and space,  avoiding the use of chemical fertilisers or bio-cides, and in recycling resources that might otherwise be considered waste.

Time and energy spent on good planning will be greatly offset by the massive injection of volunteer labour you’ll receive during a permablitz. So it’s worth spending the effort to get the design right. You might like to do some of your own research on the possibilities of permaculture before you begin with your designer.

The more you get involved in the design process, more productive your land will become for you for less ongoing effort. Your designer will expect that you work with them to resolve your plan, as you’ll need to understand how it works in order to maximise it’s benefits!

nugget_bill“The philosophy of permaculture is one of working with rather than against nature; a process of protracted and thoughtful observation rather that protracted and thoughtless labour”  Bill Mollison.


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