How can I get involved?


Getting involved is easy!


If you would really like to be involved, you’ll need to hear from us when we announce blitz dates.  We limit the number of places at each event, and places always fill very  fast! We invite you to JOIN US.

….on the upper right of the website, type in your email address, then click JOIN US, (you’ll receive an email which you’ll need to read & click on to confirm acceptance)

By joining us, you’ll be emailed instantly every time a BoP permablitz event is announced on the website, but you’ll need to be fast. Often blitz events fill up within days or sometimes hours of being announced. You’ll also be emailed after Blitz reports and newsletters.

If you are already a practised permaculturalist or have a PDC, you might like to get involved behind the scenes (click here)


You need to register to come to a blitz event, because the hosts need to know how many are coming for lunch! You find out the details of where this blitz will be and what to bring along after once you have registered.

  1. Simply fill in the registration form on the blitz announcement page for the event you want to attend. This will connect you with the person taking registrations for that event.
  2. Please give them a contact phone number in case of postponement.
  3. Let them know if you need to cancel your registration. There might be someone that can take your place on a waiting list!

After you’ve registered, you’ll be sent all the details of what to bring, where to go and what time to arrive. You can email back if you have any questions.

Blitz announcements are  usually made two or three weeks before a permablitz event which might happen about every six weeks during the better planting months. Less during summer and winter. Sometimes they are postponed because of weather, so be sure to check your inbox before you leave. If there is a postponement, please reply that you got the message. It will save someone the job of ringing you to check!

3. Follow us on FACEBOOK

If you’d like to keep in touch with the permablitz community between events, you can interact with others  on the  Permablitz Bay of Plenty facebook page. You are welcome to post anything to do with sustainable living there as well.

We post photos of every event on the  facebook page.  These are always taken by a person nominated by the permablitz collective who will ask for your permission  as you arrive.  Photos are very important to permablitz, because it helps us spread the enthusiasm to encourage others join, just like you!

4. HELP make permablitz happen

If you have a special skill and want to help us drive the permablitz concept across the BOP, we’d love to work with you. We’re all volunteers, but were part of a rapidly growing community network that is hungry to find out more.

If you are keen to help behind the scenes we can easily find roles for:

  •  Hands-on people with leadership ability to help lead projects or teach worshops onblitz days
  • Permaculture enthusiasts  & PDC trained people who want to practice on design projects

The BEHIND THE SCENES page has more info……


Blitzing the BOP community one garden at a time