Frequently asked questions

Q. So… what is a permablitz?

See here.

Q. Where are you based?

This website was made in Katikati, Western Bay of Plenty, which is where the Permablitz Bay of Plenty network first originated.  However we support Permablitz events right across the Bay. We do this by linking Permaculture designers and potential Permablitz Hosts together, and giving them the tools they need to get  permablitz events up and running.

Q. Where did Permablitz start?

The first Permablitz event started in Melbourne 2006.  You can find out more about them via the Melbourne Permablitz website Their website is a lot like ours as we have used a lot of the same systems and tried to improve them where possible. This willingness to share ideas is typical of the global permaculture movement. Sharing good ideas extends beyond the garden and into communities as well.

Q. How do I get involved?

See here.

Q. What skills do I need to turn up to a blitz?

A. None at all!  Everyone is more than welcome regardless of skill level.  We welcome first time gardeners and those with very green thumbs alike.

Q. Who brings tools?

A. Participants generally supply most of the tools.  Organisers will usually have some masking tape and a marker pen on hand so it is easy for everyone to retrieve their tools at the end of the day.

Q. How do I qualify to get blitzed?

A. There are really two things you need.  Firstly, you need to have attended about three permablitzes (although there are some exceptions).  The second thing you need is a permaculture informed design, done by or with the help of at least one person who has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).  See our Get Blitzed! section for more.

Q. What would be my roles as a blitz host?

A. You’d work with a designer to come up with a design which suits your needs.  They will help generate a list materials which you will need to have ready on the day (we can put a call out to the network for anything you need as well – we can sometimes get some materials donated by others).  On the day, your main role  as a host is to feed the troops. The food needn’t be fancy, just plenty to go round so the labourers stay focussed! Permablitz volunteers will facilitate the day and run workshops.  We have written a useful guide in Pdf form which you can download here

Q.  How would I go about setting up a local permablitz network?

A. It’s not too hard to get a permablitz or two happening to test the waters. We share our experiences on how we started in the Bay of plenty on the Getting blitzes to happen near you page.

Q. Who funds the network?

A. For the most part, nobody.  The network is based on volunteerism and reciprocity.  Hosts are responsible for covering the costs of materials needed for implementing the permablitz.  On the day, the permablitz volunteers will provide free, enthusiastic labour and energy.  There is absolutely no shortage of people willing to come along and volunteer their time and labour — and why not?  The days are fun, you meet good people, and everyone learns a lot.

Organisation and admin does take a fair bit of effort in the background and is currently done by a small collective on a voluntary basis.

Q. What is the permablitz network hoping to achieve?

See here


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