The Permablitz BOP Design Guild

is a group of BoP permaculturalists,  all very keen on permaculture and permablitz who are  it’s heart and sole. They have all either attended a Permaculture Design course, or are close to finishing. Their role is to:

  1. Provide design support for hosts of permablitz events
  2. Advise hosts on how to prepare for their blitz day
  3. Be the leaders at permablitz events
  4. Run workshops  during permablitzes
  5. Share learning with eachother 
  6. Have fun together!

We welcome new members with an enthusiasm for permaculture!  Find out more about the Design Guild…


To ensure Permablitz  functions and grows in the  Bay of Plenty, the network is managed and administrated by a small bunch of volunteers to make sure the group is well resourced and functions smoothly.Find out more



Blitzing the BOP community one garden at a time