Our aims

1. Build community and create networks of gardeners that help each other.

2. Assist and support the establishment of edible gardens.

3. Take permaculture to the mainstream and help people take their first steps.

4. Facilitate the growth of a new generation of permaculture designers.

5. Have fun while we redesign the future!

Permablitz 9 group shot


We do what we do because we believe that:

1) A sustainable system is one that keeps going when external inputs of non-renewable resources are turned off.

2) Our current mode of food production, namely industrial chemical and fossil fuel dependent monoculture, is not sustainable.

3) Permaculture is a tool we can use now to decrease our participation in industrial agriculture and to directly act on our most pressing issues, including peak oil and climate change.

4) We know the problems and we have the solutions. It is time to transition not just from denial to awareness, but from awareness to action. Let’s go!


Blitzing the BOP community one garden at a time