Report on Permablitz #11

Permablitz #11 was held at Peter Archer’s place in Kerepehi, Hauraki District on Saturday the 10th of August, two days before Permablitz BOP’s first birthday! (Aug 12th 2012) 220 followers, 15 events, and 363 days later we’re still here!)

Introductions started in Peter’s Carport as the showers began to ease. A mix of BOP Blitzers and Thames permies came together under one roof and Steve bumped his head on the truss beam.

We introduced ourselves and the plan for the day then got stuck in. The two main jobs were digging over Peter’s vege garden and planting the rest of the property (800m2) with fruit trees & shrubs.


The vege garden crew started digging the first few spadefuls and soon realised it was going to be hard Yakka! The Hauraki clay loam under our feet stuck to spades like glue. Peter really needed our help!

As the vege crew bravely forged ahead without complaint, the tree planting crew checked out Peter’s proposed layout.  We imagined the citrus trees infront of Peters lounge window  eventually blocking out the sun. Then thought about  his winter power bill!   Sticks were used to help imagine their eventual size, and a new kind of dance was invented waving them around and spinning in circles!


A halt to the planting was called and some garden design a-la Bill Mollison style was initiated. Ie careful observation and protracted thought, the tree layout needed more of this.  Heads were put together and some thinking was done.  An hour and many well considered decisions later, Peter was called to approve the new layout. Deciduous trees to the north to let in the winter sun. Citrus to the south to plug the holes in the rear shelter trees, feijoas in a semi-circle to enclose a future sitting area etc. Peter approved.

Just before lunch all stopped for a tree planting workshop with Hugo, this was really necessary  the hard soil meant we needed to plant trees using the best possible techniques if they were to survive!DSCF2590

After lunch Lia, ran a workshop on soils which prompted a great discussion on the merits of organic versus permaculture systems.

The tree plantings then continued  as did the vege  garden digging and Peter’s  600kg pile of compost soon disappeared.  The day ended abruptly as the vege crew came to help plant the last few trees.

At the end we all got together for a review after a lemonade tree was given some good vibes by us all!


A big day by all but a great result. Peter will be eating fruit & vege from his garden this coming season. This would have been very difficult for him to do without help! Well done again blitzers!  Good luck to our friends from Thames, it was great to share the day with you and we hope you can get some more blitzes happening over your way again some time!