Permaculture Monthly Film Fest announcement

Friday 27 March, 7:30pm-9:00pm
Wesley Centre, 13th Ave, Tauranga

A few of us have decided to start another “excuse” to get together besides blitzes: a permaculture film fest.  We’ve schedule it to run from March to December 2015 and possibly continue into 2016, if we all love it.
Neville, Kat and Lia and a few other people who have completed Geoff Lawton’s online PDC course, received about 100 hours of DVDs, covering many permaculture topics and practical solutions.  They are just packed with great information. Geoff encouraged all of them to watch the videos repeatedly and to share them with their friends and families.  So we are taking it one step further and sharing it with our community.
Starting 27 March, along with Sustainable Backyards, Plenty Permaculture and Tauranga Monthly Film Nights, we’ll start showing the best of those videos.  We’ll start with Geoff’s Introduction to Permaculture – 1:20 minutes, an excellent overall view of permaculture.  We won’t show the whole film so that there is time to talk, connect, meet, catch up, have tea and nibble on whatever yummies people bring along… a great opportunity for us all to come together in one place and keeping building relational ties.
The First will happen in Tauranga at 13th Ave and the location for the other nights is open for discussion.  We’ve thought of holding it in one location for simplicity, but then again, it could move to different locations to equalise the drive for people.   We’ll see who shows up and decide from there.  We also just made a guess at a good time for the showings, Sunday from 4-5:30, but that can be adjusted too if a defined group of committed “film goers” forms.  Maybe we need to think about childcare???  We’ll figure it out together.