Update from former PermablitzBOP Designer Kat Gawlik

Kat and Seiorse have made it to Fiji!

Kat Gawlik was such a contribution to PermablitzBOP while she was here last year.  We miss her!!  She and her partner Seiorse sailed off on their boat last month and have successfully reached Fiji!  Read the account below.


We motored through the Navula reef passage into Fiji first thing yesterday morning, and took a whole day sailing with light headwinds up to where we are anchored now, at Lautoka Port. Our friends from Tauranga on their boat Pandora are anchored next to us, so we joined them for dinner last night – a real dinner with tropical vegetables all chopped, and a small portion of the 1.2m Mahimahi  that we caught about 2 days out from Fiji. Looking forward to watching the video of catching that again, it was the biggest fish we had ever caught and seeing it madly flapping in the cockpit was intense! We both felt a bit guilty killing it, but soon semi justified it thinking of how many restaurant fish meals we don’t need to order now.

The people here are so friendly and accommodating, all the official checkin formalities were fairly casual, and we are looking forward to having a look in town and going to the market.

Coming through the passage in the distance we could see perfect huge barrelling waves breaking across the reef of the infamous Cloudbreak surf break and a few floating apartments (catamarans) anchored nearby, the stuff of big budget surf movies. Doubt we will hit that up first. The surf spot ‘swimming pool’s’ sounds more like our thing…

The temperature here is perfect. We have all hatches open with lots of fresh air, and it isn’t too hot. Looking forward to our first swim in a nice clean bay somewhere. The chart shows we are anchored next to a sewer outfall and the water isn’t that inviting turquoise colour here. No doubt we will find a place soon.

We are planning on going to the Vuda marina today for Seiorse’s birthday to meet up with our other Tauranga friend on Messalina for some Fiji Bitters and live music. We wanted to put the boat in the marina to give it a good wash and do washing etc but it is full.

Hoping to get sim cards, cruising permit and a supply of fresh market fruits and vegetables on Monday before starting to explore the outer islands.

It’s good to be here after 10 days at sea, feeling blessed to have had no major problems with the boat, or any bad weather to deal with!!

Love Kat and Seiorse