Report of Permablitz #8

Permablitz #8,

Saturday May 25th 2013

With a huge rain event predicted to innundate blitz #8 after lunch, we weren’t sure whether anyone would come! A few were missing but many came enthusiastic as usual! The weather bomb never arrived, but it certainly seemed to motivate everyone!

No time was wasted early in the day, introductions were cut short and newcomers got thrown in the deep end, and were given jobs as soon as they had labled their tools!


One of the first major jobs was to thin out a large grove of bananas. Meanwhile a trailor full of compost was shovelled on to the adjacent beds.


Compost piles were built using rolls of wire mesh and filled  chopped up banana plants, manure , sawdust, prunings, grass clippings and weeds. Two piles were built at intervals along the lower vege garden terrace.

There was a workshop on vegetable guild planting, and two beds were planted with a mix of cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower, beetroot, peas, lettuces, and broadbeans. (Not a lot else will grow here in Late May)

Blitz #8 Group photo

The rain finally came as people were leaving at 3pm.What  a great community thing we have here! The day was enjoyed by all, and once again we were able to blitz another garden which will in time become far more productive!