Permablitz # 19 !

Permablitz #19-POSTPONED until further notice.

A fellow ‘permablitzer’ would love our help on her beautiful rural Waihi section.

We will create a swale on a north facing hillside. We are building this swale to capture rainfall and nutrient runoff. We will learn how to make and use a levelling device to make a horizontal swale. Then we will learn which seeds and plants are appropriate for the task of retaining the swale as we plant them. And if we have time, we will learn how to mark out and dig a second swale.

We will also experiment with making seeds balls with New Zealand native species. We have a rocket stove to demonstrate. We have plenty of fun tasks for people who are ready to get stuck into digging and getting their hands dirty, and we have heaps of fun jobs for people who don’t!

This magical site is certified organic and you will have the opportunity to ask the knowledgeable owner all kinds of questions about the variety of plant species on the property.

To register, fill out the form below. The hosts will send you the details.  If you have not heard back within 48 hours – please re-register as something may have gone wrong in the registering process.  Thank-you!