Permablitz #30

Permablitz # 30

Rural Bonanza, Whakamarama

Saturday 3 October 2020, 9am-4pm
Location: Whakamarama, register to find out where

We are working on a few projects at this stunning rural property, including work on the Food Forest, rock walls and  learning about using a “Living Design Process” to site and plant a couple of new gardens at the property.

This is an opportunity to see how bananas can grow in the Bay of Plenty, see how swales and a duck pond can be integrated, and feel creativity alive and humming in a garden. This family home has turned into a communal living space – with many different artists with different forms living together – creativity oozes in every inch of this beautiful property.

During the course of the day we will be focusing on;

  • Planting fruit trees
  • Planting fruit tree guilds
  • Sheet mulching
  • Planting banana pups
  • Creating a swale from run off water into the duck pond
  • Learning to make rock walls
  • Learning about using a “Living Design Process” to site and plant a couple of new gardens at the property.

We have a couple of great workshops lined up including; the role of fungi in a Food Forest, an edible weeds walk and a living design process.

This is a large area, and we can accommodate 40-50 people, so if you have missed out on a previous blitz, because they fill so fast – here is your opportunity to be involved and have a great day of learning. We are encouraging car pooling as there is not abundance of car-parking space. If you can please pop your area of where you live into the comments section of the registration box so we can try and connect people for carpooling.

Because this is such a large blitz, we are asking everyone to contribute to a shared lunch.

What to bring:
-Gardening gloves
-Wheel barrow (if you have would be great!)
-Gardening tools (labelled with your name) – spade or shovel
-Water bottles
-Hat and sun protection and wet weather gear
-Something for a shared lunch
-Any spare plants you may have from your own garden that may work for fruit tree guilds i.e COMFREY – please dig up lots of comfrey root, lavender, garlic bulbs, calendula, jerusalem artichokes, thyme, rosemary, borage, lemon balm, bergamot, tansy, rosemary etc.

To  register, fill out the form below. Your details will be emailed to the hosts who will contact you with further details on how to get there. Thank you!